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A complete redesign and content audit of the Library's website.
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Customizable Library branch pages.
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User testing pre-development & post-launch
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Twelve years out of date, the University of Chicago's website accumulated stale and repetitive content that was not mobile friendly or ADA compliant. The CMS was being retired, so we needed to find a new platform that could be supported in-house and allow for our 350+ staff to edit and add content.

The website was text-heavy with patrons only using small and specific parts of the siloed content. Additionally, each of the five library branches had their own look as well as duplicative information that sometimes contradicted itself.


  • The homepage was segmented into visually-appealing modules that quickly show the services and events of the Library.
  • Integration of third-party APIs, allowing "Ask a Librarian" chats and other highly-used services be embedded within related site content.
  • Multiple user interviews and tests informed layouts, content priority, and how to enhanced their research experience.
  • Creation of a pattern library assured a cohesive interface, and reusable modules, allowing for customizable pages that maintain a cohesive brand.
  • Data blocks are reusable cross-app, integrating local and third-party data. Data is changed in one source, cascading to linked modules, with all information remaining consistent and accurate.
  • ADA compliance is baked into the templates, using WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility conformance, and continues to be updated as new guidelines are introduced.


  • 82% increase in homepage user events, with patrons moving beyond the catalog search box to fully interacting with all elements on the page.
  • Reference service use increased both with online chats and in person consultations.
  • 37% click-through increase to news stories.
  • A complete site audit of all 8,000 web pages were triaged in order of migration importance. Deletion of redundant pages and reusable data modules allowed us to reduce the website to 2,000 pages.


Case study included in:
"Improving Library Websites Products to enhance your online presence," American Libraries magazine (2017).


  • Front End Developer
  • Lead Designer
  • UX / UI Designer

Languages Used

  • CSS / Sass
  • Django
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

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