Non-profit Campaign

Induction for the 21st Century Educator

A program developed by the Illinois State Board of Education to establish a supportive community for new teachers.
Logo utilizing lightbulb theme for education organization front of brochure for non-profit education organization brochure inside for non-profit education organization fpromotional banners hanging outside school facade


Create an identity and engaging campaign to attract new teachers into the program. The design must be simple, while exuding credibility and optimism, without being whimsical.


  • Logo and plays upon the concept of the "idea lightbulb" while using calming blues and greens in hues that are cheerful.
  • Lightbulb icon is expanded throughout the entire campaign as both a photo frame showing confident teachers and as a design element in more text heavy booklets, sell sheets, and the website.


  • Art director
  • Lead Designer

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