Local Chicago company that sells pools, billiards, fitness equipment, media centers, and patio furniture.

Problem: Originally called Pool-A-Rama, the company needed a new name and brand now that it was also selling indoor recreational items beyond just pools. Needed a brand that could easily be implemented on individually-owned retail locations throughout Chicagoland.

Solution: Incorporated all the elements they sold under the concept of "escape" to create the name The Great Escape. Identity uses blue of pool water and green of lawns and billiards tables to establish the expansive items carried by the company. Simple icons are used to define each section of the store to create a joyful environment without detracting from the products. In-store signage is simple to install and accompanied by uncomplicated brand standard guide that all store locations could easily follow. Radio spots, TV ads, and sales announced the changed and linked the well-established Pool-A-Rama into the new identity of The Great Escape. Online and instore sales increased after the unveiling of the new identity.