An organization dedicated to keeping letter writing alive. Reliant on it's membership base, but also offers events and items to the general public.

Problem: Needed a website that could be navigated by its older, non-techy, patrons while also attracting younger consumers. Required a public and password-protected site that were similar enough to establish the brand, while unique enough to easily determine which site the patron was using.

Solution: Utilized simple on-trend web designs that were not obtrusive as to confuse non-native visitors. Fixed menu bar and one page landing site allows patrons to search the site either with scrolling or the navigation bar. Login status is continuously displayed on navigation bar, with the site title changing to "L.W.A. Clubhouse" once the consumer has logged in. Bootstrap framework was employed for a fully-responsive site across both public and private sides. Templates maintain uniform pages and content across the entire website. [Old site comparison]